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09 05 2018


  Free electricity from the sun would appear to be the future power of the next generation. Now that solar photovoltaic modules are available, at much lower prices than ever before, it would be cheaper to obtain electricity directly from the sun. 


  With such abundant sunshine we should be using solar powered traffic lights (No more traffic jams every time there is a power cut), solar powered display stands, solar powered billboards, solar highway lights, solar street lights, and many more applications.


  Each STAND-ALONE, solar electricity generating system can provide power for up to 24 hours a day. Solar lights can be designed to provide illumination automatically from dusk to dawn. Each system can charge itself, store and produce electricity even on dull days.


  Recreation parks and gardens with solar powered lights would be safer if they operate at 12V DC. At this voltage there is NO DANGER of electrocution, a most beneficial safety feature in places frequented by children or near swimming pools.  

  Moreover solar powered lights can be installed almost anywhere: in rugged terrain, offshore, in remote areas where electricity is needed but not available.  

  Solar power is not only used for outlying telecommunication relay towers, remote sensing equipment, aircraft warning lights on pylons, but is now added onto existing buildings with mains AC Grid Power and fed back to the Grid System. This is called BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic). This is very inefficient and expensive compared to STAND-ALONE System.

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