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09 05 2018
Advantages of SOLAR POWER


1No bills to pay

 Buy solar powered equipment and after that your electricity is always free.

2Minimal or no maintenance

 Photovoltaic Panels are guaranteed for 15 years and the Photovoltaic Storage Units last 5 years average life span.


 Street lights can be easily relocated and any occurrence of accidents or failure will not affect the others.

4Cost effective

 In areas where the National Grid is not available, Solar powered products have a clear advantage. There will be no cabling costs, no need for substations, which are very costly to put up.

5Auto on/off Sensors

 No manual operation required to switch on or off any lighting units.

6After Sale Support readily available

 As Solar Voltaic is a local company, there is no undue need to wait for spare parts. Service and spare parts always available locally. 

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